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This Board oversees the programming for our adults and youth.  Our programming for ALL ages encourages us to:

Explore our faith

Use our gifts

Reach out to those in need

Enjoy our sisters and brothers in Christ

Thank God for ALL that we have

Pray always and expectantly


The ‘Early Bird’ Bible Study meets on Tuesday mornings from 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM. A group for ALL ages who would like to start their day learning more about our amazing God and His word. There is no requirement for scriptural knowledge . . . we all grow together in our faith and relationship to God. Interesting . . . joyful . . . inspirational!

This group is led by Barbara Guthrie (one of our local librarians) and is always a great discussion. They meet every couple of months and the book selection is chosen from group input.

We try to have this gathering each month through the busy church months. The speakers/facilitators lead attendees in a topic of current interest/concern. We meet for 40 minutes after a Sunday worship service. (11:15 AM – noon)


Soup and Sharing
We gather on Thursdays from noon – 1:00 PM through the Lenten season. The body is nourished with homemade soup and the spirit is nourished with a person speaking about their ‘faith journey’ (how did they get to South Church and why they keep coming to this fantastic church)

Spiritual Growth
This program varies each year. We try to grow in some way in our personal faith and grow closer to God’s word. We try to reach out to EVERYONE (young families and other adults)

Senior social group

This retreat happens around March. (Winter doldrums and before the busyness of spring) We gather for 24 hours (late Friday– Saturday) to step away from the hustle bustle of our busy worlds to look inside and be inspired by God to ‘keep going’!

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER (1st Friday in March)
This is an interfaith ministry of East Hartford. It is a gathering of ALL churches in E.H. The worship service is hosted by various churches and is based on a specific country in need. The monies from this service go to that country to help with challenges.


3 year olds through 2nd grade. These ‘little ones’ meet for 15 minutes after worship on Sunday mornings and they sing in worship 3 times each year.

CHURCH SCHOOL (3 yrs. – 8th grade)
We are using the concept of the One-Room-Church-School at South Church. All ages are learning God’s way through scripture and sharing and growing together as one family. Acceptance and out-reach are two important concepts, while filling their hearts with God’s love for EVERYONE!

CONFIRMATION (9th grade)
This is a time to look more deeply into what it means to be an active part of God’s community. South Church’s inner workings are also discussed and each member is required to do 8 hours of community service and write their own personal Statement of Faith. We meet twice each month from October through May. Confirmands and their personally chosen sponsor (an active, participating adult at South church) participate in two retreats through the year.

CRIB ROOM (infant care)
Available during Sunday morning worship, (Sundays at 10:00 AM). A member of the high school youth group provides baby-sitting duty.

This is an intergenerational activity. Over 100 people (9 years – 90 years old) have played these great chimes, through the years. You only need to be able to count and know your colors!

This committee sees that our adult library and our youth Resource Room are kept up to date with reading materials to help us all grow in God’s way.

3rd grade through High School. This energetic, talented group practices after worship (from 11:15 – noon) on Sundays. The schedule depends on when they are singing during worship. They sing 3 times each year.

YOUTH GROUP (HIGH SCHOOL: 9th – 12th grade)
This group meets a couple of times each month through the church year. We have a newly renovated Youth Room with gaming tables, computers etc. The young people may listen to the Sunday worship service together in the Youth Room. These young people have a great time together while learning more about God’s ways and reaching out to those in need in the community and the wider world.

YOUTH GROUP (JR. HIGH: 6th – 8th grade)
The focus of this group is to have lots of FUN, remembering what God teaches about ALL of us being God’s children. They reach out to others in need and grow as Christian young people in a pretty crazy world!