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1301 Forbes Street, East Hartford, CT 06118
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Responsible for the teaching life of the church. Promote, coordinate, and evaluate church and educational activities; recruit church school teachers; participate in various special church services; and sponsor summer Bible School and Bible presentation. Affiliated committees and programs: Adult Education, Crib Room, Library, Young Pilgrim Fellowship, and Senior Pilgrim Fellowship.

DEACONS Chairs: Jean Foisey, Barbara Guthrie
Responsible for the spiritual life of the church. Prepare Sanctuary for worship, communion, confirmation, and baptism; provide for lay readers; visit/care for those with special needs; evaluate the pastor(s). Affiliated committees and programs: Acolytes, Altar, Audio Coordinators, Caring Ministry, Choir, Flower, and Ushering.

MISSIONS Chair: Lisa Handel
The purpose of the Missions Board is to reach out and to respond to needs which come to our attention in our community, our state, our nation and our world.

STEWARDSHIP and ENLISTMENT Chair: Virginia Smith
Responsible for the giving life of the church. Plan the annual enlistment (budget/offering) campaign; increase member awareness of budget requirements and status on an ongoing basis; and coordinate long-range fundraising campaigns.

TRUSTEES Chairs: Bob Benigni, George Schoen
Responsible for the material life of the church. Maintain all church owned buildings and grounds; responsible for insurance and other legal issues; coordinate activities of sextons; and coordinate use and scheduling of church properties by outside groups.


Establish and coordinate adult programming throughout the church year, such as Christian Readers Group, Bible studies, Lenten devotional series, and Club 40.

ALTAR Facilitator: Gayle Juliani
Prepares the altar for worship by changing candles and aligning the altar linens with the colors specified in the liturgical calendar. Keeps the linens clean and in good condition.

AUDIO/VIDEO Facilitator: Chuck Pelletier
Responsible for the coordination and operation of our sound system and video setup; produce audio and video tapes of Sunday services, as well as some special services, for distribution to those unable to attend church.

CARING MINISTRY Facilitator: Charlotte Bradbury
Visitation and caring outreach to those of our church family who are in convalescent homes or shut-ins at home.

CHURCH GROWTH Facilitator:
Promotes growth in the number of church members and seeks to make church life more meaningful through a variety of activities. Increases awareness of our church in the community. Through questionnaires sent to church members and friends, it gathers information on interests and experience which it shares with other boards and committees.

FAIR STEERING Facilitator: Maureen & Matt Miller
The Fair Steering Committee coordinates all aspects of the Strawberry Fair, including volunteers, donations, and logistics.

FINANCE Facilitator: George Schoen
Gather pertinent financial information from staff and board/committee members and establish the budget for the coming year.

FLOWER Facilitator:
Coordinate the ordering of flowers for Sunday services with the membership, and deliver to shut-ins at holiday time.

KITCHEN Facilitator: Bev Bartley
Provide volunteer care and outfitting of our kitchen facility. Rada cutlery is offered monthly inĀ  our "Crossroads" area.

LIBRARY Facilitator: Linda Hall
Responsible for maintaining the books and other resources in the Jennie Berner Resource Center and the Memorial Library; select and purchase materials; prepare the newly acquired books for shelves; update the card catalog; and promote the library to church members of all ages.

MAILING Facilitator: rotational
Collate, stuff, label, and mail the View each month; ensure special mailings are distributed as needed.

MEMORIAL GARDEN Facilitator: Peggy Schoen
Overall coordination and oversight of our Memorial Garden, including appropriate grid selection paperwork, Book of Life, and updating of the name plaque of those interred.

NOMINATING Facilitator: Vacant
Directs the recruiting process to fill openings on boards and committees as specified in the church bylaws.

USHERS Facilitator: Nancy Fox
Provide ushers at Sunday services and other services as needed. Duties include seating, distribution of bulletins, and collection of offering.